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From: Eryka T. Johnson, Personal Empowerment MentorErykaPic

Dear Change Agent, Leader and all other Women of Purpose,

I have something important I’d like to share with you.

As some of you may know, I have a passion for helping women move beyond their insecurities, fears and life circumstances in order to pursue and live their highest purpose. However, in my role as mentor and coach, I see so many of these passionate, loving, hard working women struggle with making the necessary changes in their lives to progress towards living the life of their dreams.

Maybe you can relate.

Have you ever found yourself spinning your wheels, knowing you were born to make a huge impact on the world around you but have no idea where to begin? Have you ever been so caught up in surviving day to day that you lose track of pursuing your dreams? Do you find yourself headed down the right path for a while and then fall off again when things get too tough or life becomes too busy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading because there’s a solution here for you.

Being the change agent that you are, we know that you are: visionary, optimistic, resilient, ethical, self reflective, accommodating yet assertive; you’re both a follower and a leader and you often put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Success Code

It is quite obvious that success is in your DNA; that it is a part of your destiny.

Therefore, as a woman of purpose who is destined to make a difference with your life, you are bound to encounter roadblocks. Sometimes you see them coming and can plan ahead to maneuver around them. Other times, they seem to come out of the blue and throw you off course, without you even realizing you’ve been sidetracked. Before you know it, you’re stuck…going through the motions of everyday life.

Your change, your dream, your movement has quietly taken a backseat to your daily responsibilities, the happiness of others and your reluctance to rock the boat.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there too

I realize how easy it is to become distracted with just trying to survive the daily grind. I know what it’s like to have to put your dream on hold to focus all your energy on the needs of those around you. I also understand the frustration of wanting to help others so much yet be unable to push through the change you need to make in your own life to move ahead.

But, like I did, you must decide today that you will not “give up” or “sit down” on your gifts. They were given to you not only breakthroughfor your own benefit but to be used for the greater good as well. The roadblocks are there to keep you from moving forward. That’s their job. Your job, however, is to maneuver around them or blast right through them so that you become the catalyst for change you were born to be.

Someone ~ somewhere is in desperate need for you to begin your movement.

And to help you get started, I want to share a process that helped me make the necessary changes in my own life so that I could then lead the change in someone else’s. I was able to take my mess ~ my life story of neglect, abuse, shame, people pleasing and low self worth and turn it into my message that has ignited a movement that empowers women all over the world.

Today I am sharing the first step of that process with you so that you too can launch your movement! Introducing the:

Kickstart to Change Toolkit – A Change Agent’s #1 Resource for Identifying Roadblocks in Their Path by Eryka T. Johnson

Kickstart Media Kit

With this toolkit, you will:

  • Look in the mirror and truly reflect on who you are and where you are in your life.
  • Understand your mess so that you can craft your message.
  • Face your fears head on and begin to walk in your authority.
  • Stop shunning fear so you can understand it and overcome it.
  • Get clear on your story and begin to share it in an impactful way.
  • Get motivated and start moving forward again.
  • Gain the courage to step out of your comfort zone and walk in faith.
  • Stop making excuses for not living up to your potential and start being your best now.
  • Push past the limitations of your current situation.
  • Identify the roadblocks that have been holding you back so you can anticipate and deal with them head on.


As you can see, this toolkit will inspire you to unleash the very best in you. You will know exactly where you are today in relation to your dream so you can begin positioning yourself for great success. You will be empowered and equipped with the knowledge and understanding of exactly what’s standing between you and your purpose. You will be able to pinpoint, with laser beam accuracy, the areas in your life that you need to examine and address in order to move forward towards your higher purpose.

Finally, you will be taking your first step to bringing forth a tremendous vision that can literally impact the world.

Your “KICKSTART TO CHANGE” Tool Kit Includes:

  • Slideshow Presentation – Introduces the toolkit and how you can get the most out of it.
  • Video/Audio (23 min) – Inspirational message that sets you up for the work ahead and how to best use your toolkit
  • Guide/e-Book (48 pages) – Includes 40 roadblocks and the impact they can have on your life
  • “Identify My Roadblocks“ e-Workbook – Allows you to identify each roadblock that’s working against you and determine how it is actually showing up in your life.
  • “Tell My Story” Worksheets – Walks you through the process of crafting your story as it relates to your experiences in life.
  • Transcript of the audio (11 pages) – Print these so you can take notes on the pages, highlight certain points that are important to you and to review from time to time when you need a refresher.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: 10 Tough Lessons I Learned About Being A Change Agent – Cut your learning curve drastically by learning from someone else’s experience.


What you are about to learn with this toolkit will transform your life!

Envision what you can accomplish and the lives you can impact when you become crystal clear about the change you were born to make.

There has never been a better moment than right now to finally learn how to identify the roadblocks that keep interfering in your life, to become very aware of the impact they are having on you and to get crystal clear on your story and what it really means to the people whose destinies are connected to you.

It’s time for you to fulfill your mission as a change agent; to be the catalyst for success stories in your sphere of influence which may even include people all around the world!

***This is a virtual product. No physical product will be shipped.***

P.S. The only thing that can stop you from truly knowing and fulfilling your purpose as a change agent now, is YOU! You know you are called to impact the masses so come out of hiding today.