Win in Life, Relationships, & Finances

Stop Letting Issues Rule Your Life!

laser coachingIt’s Time To Fight Back!


Attention: Woman on a Mission

Are you stuck because challenges in life are keeping you from getting ahead?

You know…

  • The fear of success literally terrifies you yet you are ready to stretch your belief and take that next step.
  • Negative thoughts in your mind say “it will never happen for you” but deep down YOU know you got what it takes.
  • Your marriage is on the rocks and you desperately want to salvage it.
  • Your relationships with family and friends are crumbling but you desire them to be stronger.
  • Finances are tight yet you have a huge desire to thrive.

Well, it’s called LIFE!

And in order to WIN in life, you must FIRST step up to the challenge, pull up your “BIG GIRL” bootstraps, and get to work.

This alone can be a scary and overwhelming task especially if you try to make sense of it all by yourself.

Let me just say…I’ve been there! Struggling to overcome challenges in my own marriage, relationships, career, purpose in life, and finances was NOT an easy job for me. In fact, it often left me feeling defeated, broken, exhausted, and un-worthy. How could one person have so many issues in life?

I wanted to give up!

laser coachingBut, the destiny that lied ahead was far GREATER than the struggles I faced. So, I stood my ground and began to fight back.

Choosing the right people to lead me and giving myself permission to be honest and open with them about where I was in life got me unstuck and moving in the right direction again.

To get where I REALLY wanted to be in life meant I needed help and could NOT be ashamed to reach out and ask for it!

Some great women inspired my life. In fact, some of the very skills they used to help me, I’ve mastered. Now, I use my ability to see solutions and be a good listener to help over 15,000 women just like you overcome challenges daily.

Imagine for a moment…living your life without the frustration and constant annoyance of things gone wrong and NOT having a solution. Instead, you are at peace with yourself, living the life you’ve always dreamed, and happy with the quality of your relationships. There is no stress and no guilt. You are just FREE to be yourself with no regrets.

Well, there’s finally a better way to deal with challenges in your life so YOU too can see a way out of your situation, get unstuck, and activate a plan that gets YOU moving again!


15 Minute Laser Coaching Sessions with Eryka T. Johnson, Life Coach & Strategist

laser coaching flyerThis is how it works

  1. Send Eryka your MOST pressing need and what you want to see most in your life to be happy.
  2. Schedule your coaching session.
  3. Collaborate on a call with Eryka for 15 minutes as she develops your customized plan for the next 30 days to get you moving forward.
  4. Receive your customized plan and session recording via email.

CAUTION: With EVERYTHING, once you have the know-how (your personalized plan), YOU must be willing to put forth the effort. Having the plan but doing nothing, will NOT get you the results you want to see. Don’t waste your time or investment if you are not ready for change!

Are you READY to turn your life around?

This 15-minute laser coaching session is for you if…

laser coaching Can YOU afford to stay where YOU are for another year? Start the New Year with a bang and keep up the momentum with your Laser Coaching Session and Action Plan for ONLY

1-EZ payment of $37


 “I got a response from my sister and we have been communicating very well and I know in my heart that it is in all sincerity. Eryka thank you for guiding me in the right direction and allowing me to be a part of something so positive and hopeful that no matter what struggles I face I can overcome. I have a purpose, I am valuable and I can excel, succeed and “Live My Best Life”! Bless God!

There was nothing that I disliked about the strategy sessions. I loved the openness and mostly the support …that helped me to go beyond what I thought or perceived in my own situation. So, now it’s time to put those strategies in action.” Marie Jones

 “Well, I prayed over myself, gathered all the mishaps and negative thoughts then suffocated the life out of them with positive motivational scriptures and words. I feed on the positive now and am working towards manifesting my plans that I want to see fulfilled.” Zell Leary

“Well, when I looked at my son last night going through the doors, my heart was calm and spirit was free Eryka T. Johnson. Glory to God!” Sheila Johnson

“Last night I apologized to my husband for constantly reminding him of his past mistakes…it is a challenge though replacing the negative chatter with a positive but I’m not giving up!

Eryka and her sessions are jam packed with valuable information that helped me from self-destruction….I will Forever be thankful! “ Donyelle Leachman

 “I always knew my purpose was to help others to attain their financial goals through Tax Consulting and Debt Management, however, fear kept me from moving forward with my business. I had so much information to share and a great plan but it was cluttered and I didn’t know how to organize it properly.

 I sought help through Eryka’s ministry! She has helped me to achieve a level of confidence that I haven’t experienced. Through her teachings, I am able to organize my work efficiently and manage my time better. I am confident promoting my business and have had some success this past tax season. So, thank you Eryka for all you have done!!!” Yolonda Beverly

Let’s Recap…

  • 15-minute laser coaching session with Eryka discussing your MOST pressing need.
  • Personalized plan developed with action steps to take in the next 30 days so you can WIN in life.
  • Plan & session recording emailed to you to take ACTION.

But, there’s even MORE…

laser coachingStop Spinning Your Wheels Audio Recording – 1.5 hour Tele-class and Q&A session (valued at $37) totally FREE!

 Get YOUR laser coaching session, action plan, session recording, and BONUS recording for…

1-EZ payment of $37

Yes, Eryka I want to WIN in Life, Relationships, & Finances! Sign me up!