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Make Life Easier – 3 Easy Ways to Lighten Your Load

By Eryka T. Johnson

Most women are the busiest people on the face of the planet. Because you typically find yourself being everything to everybody, it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed. Have you reached the point yet where you are tired of putting everyone else first and you want to simply enjoy the easy life with you as the priority? If so, today’s article will help as we discuss how to make life easier with 3 easy ways to lighten your load.

For years, I often found myself mentally & physically exhausted, unable to focus, and always stressed because I would take on every assignment anyone wanted to give me. I guess this really came from my addiction to constantly please people (well, I wrote about this in a previous article Believe In Yourself).

Feeling tired all the time is not a good feeling. And, the sour attitude that comes along with it is not attractive either. Not only do you find yourself snapping at the nice lady who passes by, smiles, and says “how are you?” but your family, particularly your kids, get attacked as well. Reaching this point lets you know that things need to change and quickly.

Let me share with you 3 ways you can lighten your load, change your attitude and make life simple again.

Learn when to say NO

NO is a two letter word that many women find difficult to say because our nature is to nurture, assist, and pay attention to detail. Yet, when you fell to use the power of NO you find your schedule hectic while the requests continue to pour in by the boat loads.  The next time you get a request that occupies a considerable amount of your time, ask yourself if you need to be the one to take care of the request or if someone else can truly handle it. If it can be delegated to someone else, refuse the request by lovingly saying NO. Instead, make a suggestion like “My schedule won’t allow me to help out with that request, but I’m sure ____ (add name) is capable of taking care of it for you.”

Learn to delegate those things you don’t necessarily need to do for yourself

If you find yourself with so much to do and no time to accomplish it all, hire help or get your spouse and kids to lend a helping hand. My husband helps out considerably with the laundry by washing & drying the clothes while the kids take care of the dishes every day. I typically only have to fold clothes and direct the kids when they are cleaning up the kitchen. There are lots of capable people out there, many in your own home, that can make life easier for you if you only ask.

Set personal boundaries

When you have no clearly defined boundaries, others tend to want to create them for you. The worse kind of person to deal with is someone with no boundaries who attempts to force their lifestyle on you. For this very reason, you must have your own set of personal boundaries. Take some time to think and write out how things will go when others come into your presence. What is acceptable? And, what will not cut it?

Make life easier for yourself by learning to say no, delegating things that can be done by others, and setting personal boundaries. You will be reduce your stress level, feel rested, and be free.

Are there other things you do to make life easier for yourself? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson