inner fraud

Silence The Self Doubt In Your Head & Thrive In Your Career As A Happy, Successful Woman

Dear Professional Woman:

I know from speaking with other women professionals many of them are concerned with accepting their success because they fear it’s not due to their own efforts.

During a recent keynote address at a business women’s conference with 250 Montana women, nearly 99% of them that came up to me after my session confessed to feeling like a fraud. Not only did they compare themselves to their male and female counterparts but often moved the bar of success each time a milestone was accomplished.

Have you ever…

  • Minimized your success by accrediting it to luck or simply being likable
  • Achieved a major accomplishment only to secretly feel like a fraud
  • Struggled to accept praise by shrugging it off as no big deal
  • Felt you were in way over your head causing you to over prepare or even procrastinate
  • Been promoted to only think they made a mistake and will soon find you out

Studies over the past 35 years continue to confirm that 70% of all individuals experience what’s called the Impostor Syndrome. This happens when high achievers regardless of a proven track record suffer from extreme self-doubt and call themselves IMPOSTORS.

And guess what?

Women are the BIGGEST offenders!

We have all been there. I should know.

My own personal struggle with the Impostor Syndrome and monsters in my head has humbled me. Although, I still have to silence the inner chatter, I’ve learned to value the experiences that have allowed me to:

  • Write my first book and partner with Barnes & Noble to promote it
  • Start my own executive leadership company while working in corporate as an Engineering Leader
  • Be a voice for over 17,000 women struggling with showcasing their value and mastering their mindsets

The Reality About Impostor Syndrome is this…

YOU see yourself differently than others see you. Your inner fraud is a secret war taking place in your mind that keeps you from reaching your full potential. You feel small and often try to over-compensate by putting in long hours and even comparing your success to others.

inner fraud

What would it look like if fear of success or feelings of un-worthiness did not hold you back?

What would it look like if you knew you deserved to enjoy your accomplishments because your hard work got you there (not the stars aligning)?

Have you been looking for a solution?


inner fraud

How To Silence The Self Doubt In Your Head And Thrive In Your Career Like the Happy, Successful Woman You Were Created To Be!

This customized “for women” two-hour training program discusses the Impostor Syndrome and practical tools and strategies in a supportive environment to stand up to your inner gremlins and end the struggle.

It all begins with transforming negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  

 What we’ll cover:

  • 7 secret thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors resisting your success
  • Why women are more impacted by the Impostor Syndrome than men
  • 5 truths about the Impostor Syndrome you may not realize
  • Why your success will never outgrow your self-image
  • My 3-part system on how to master your inner fraud while silencing the voice in your head
  • Why the story you tell yourself is holding you back and how to reverse it

My commitment is to help you show up each day in your career as your best HAPPY self.

Is this program the right fit for me?

It’s For…

The woman professional experiencing self-doubt who’s looking for a confidence boost and the next steps to overcome her struggle

It’s For…

The serious overachiever who has suffered with Impostor Syndrome for some time but finally ready for a shift to continue growing her career


  • Access to 2-hour Training Video
  •  Training Workbook
  • Career Success Beliefs Assessment 

Don’t miss this opportunity to…

  • Feel more confident
  • Project a stronger leadership presence
  • Stop self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Think differently about your accomplishments
  • Be more aware of your own personal resistance

I’ve helped women master their mindsets since 2012.  As I spent a full 3-day weekend facilitating Renew Me Women’s Retreat – The Paradigm Shift where women experienced breakthroughs in their beliefs which held them back from life and career success. I want to help you do the same!

Here’s a testimonial from one of the retreat attendees following one of our sessions “Creating a Mindset for Success.”

I always knew my purpose was to help others to attain their financial goals through Tax Consulting and Debt Management, however, fear kept me from moving forward with my business. I had so much information to share and a great plan but it was cluttered and I didn’t know how to organize it properly. I sought Eryka’s help! She has helped me to achieve a level of confidence that I haven’t experienced. Through her teachings, I am able to organize my work efficiently and manage my time better. I am confident promoting my business and have had some success this past tax season. So Thank you Eryka for all you have done!
Yolonda B. Beverly, YBB Tax & Financial Services
There was nothing that I disliked about the strategy sessions. I loved the openness and mostly the support …that helped me to go beyond what I thought or perceived in my own situation. So, now it’s time to put those strategies in action.
Marie Jones, Houston, TX
Eryka and her sessions are jam packed with valuable information that helped me from self-destruction….I will Forever be thankful!
Donyelle Leachman, The Woodlands, TX

You could be ONE belief away from landing that opportunity or experiencing happiness in your career.

I personally guarantee you’ll leave this training with NEW information to address your inner fraud. But don’t just take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

Grab your access now!


inner fraud

Meet Your Trainer

Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker Eryka T. Johnson is the Founder of High Pursuit LLC, an executive leadership consultancy, where she helps high achieving women leaders elevate their influence and visibility in the workplace. Eryka mentors over 17,000 professional women in her community daily and shares her journey through her own monthly women’s leadership column LeadHERship featured in two Montana magazines, Cliffside Neighbors and Rimrock Neighbors. Eryka has also been featured in Success Magazine, NBC, The Network Journal, and Everyday Power Blog.

With 16 years as an engineering leader at ExxonMobil, developing and leading teams for high visibility projects, Eryka understands the significance of showcasing value in the workplace for today’s woman. This knowledge coupled with a passion to help women leaders get noticed, uplevel their confidence and develop a brand of leadership that’s unique to them, makes Eryka a valued asset to any woman seeking to go from invisibility to influence.

In her book Own Your Life, which Barnes & Noble partnered with Eryka to promote and launch this year, she guides women through a unique system to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to lead unapologetically. This book is a practical roadmap for professional women looking to experience career and life success with no excuses.