monthly bills

Monthly Bills & The Stress of Not Having Enough Money to Pay Them

By Eryka T. Johnson

Bills, bills, bills…we all have them. Each month they are delivered to your mailbox or sent directly to your email. As long as you are living, there are expenses that you will incur. But, life becomes difficult when there are more bills than money. This type of stress can be exhausting. What do you do? Well, in this article, we will discuss some simple, creative ways to solve your shortage of money when it comes to monthly bills.

Finding solutions to bring in extra money may not be as hard as you think. In fact, this is a great opportunity to get creative and put your best effort forth. You won’t know what works until you give it a try.

Here are a couple ideas that have worked from and paid dividends…

Have a garage sale

We’ve been living in our home in Texas for about 2.5 years now. But late last year, I wanted to make some extra money since I was home with my baby boy & had not worked in a few months.

I went through the entire house (including the garage) looking for items we had not used since moving in late 2010. My inventory was huge. Everything from movies, clothing, electronics, cookware, kitchenware, appliances, picture frames, candles, and the list goes on. I took a couple days to prepare the items for re-sale. I set up my tables, organized like items together, and begin advertising.

With a 2-day garage sale, I made about $300 and it was actually fun. The baby and I got outside for some sun and moved around a bit. I loaded up the excess inventory and headed to Goodwill to make a donation.

But, if you would like to have a recurring garage sale, you may want to find a clean, dry place to store your items. You can add to your inventory each time you have a garage sale to keep things fresh. This could become recurring income for help with monthly bills.

Place new or fairly new items on eBay

After I had Caleb prematurely, I qualified for a hospital-grade breast pump since he would be staying in the hospital for a few weeks. But by the time I was discharged from the hospital and got home, the pump had not arrived. So, I purchased a new one from Baby-R-Us. After a month, the hospital grade breast pump finally arrived at my doorstep.

Several months past while this box lay un-opened in my bedroom. Then, I got an idea. I wanted to invest in a training program for myself but did not want to pull from savings. So, I created an eBay account, took pictures of the pump, & added a nice description. Within 30 minutes, $700 was sitting in my account as a new mom in New York had been looking to purchase one but most were over $950. So, she was renting until she saw my posting.

You can sale just about anything on eBay from electronics, books, clothing, vehicles, etc. It’s like an online flea market with just about anything you can imagine.

Look through things in your home that you are no longer using or never used and place them online. This too can become a way to earn extra money when needed for monthly bills.

Life is sometimes complicated particularly when you are faced with financial challenges. But, both of these ideas will allow for minimal effort and a quick turnaround.

Do you have any other creative ways to make extra money to pay for monthly bills? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson