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Influencers Network

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An Influencer is a woman with the capacity to be a compelling force on the actions, behaviors, and opinions of others. She has great magnetism and presence and others are attracted to her naturally.

What is Influencers Network?

Influencers Network is a global professional women’s network that seeks to develop, empower, and elevate women leaders in the workplace and in business to become Influencers. We serve as an incubator for women leaders to develop professionally and personally in a safe community through networking events, training, and mentorship.

What makes Influencers Network different?

Influencers Network understands that networking is both a success and wealth strategy. Although women network socially all the time, few engage in networking from a career success perspective often under-utilizing their resources.

Influencers Network recognizes those members who partner with us to support women and expand the network. Those who help get the message out that networking could be the missing link to landing that promotion, securing that contract, and attracting new clients will receive partner incentives on every woman that joins our community.

Why Influencers Network now?

Influencers Network was created out of the Founder’s longing for meaningful relationships with other influential women leaders…

  • Who are dedicated to their growth and success
  • Who desire to make a HUGE impact in this world
  • Who are not afraid to exchange ideas, tips, and contacts

Women are better together than alone. We stand on the shoulders of other influential women who have gone before us and paved the way.

Who is Influencers Network for exactly?

Influencers Network is for the high-achieving professional woman serious about growing her career and/or business.

Are there different levels of membership?

There are three membership levels for Influencers Network that align with the various stages women may be in their lives, careers, and businesses.

Level 1: Emergers – College students, women 5 years or less in their industry, new professionals

Level 2: Elevators – Mid-level career professionals, supervisors, managers

Level 3: Influencers – Executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs

What are the membership fees?

Membership into Influencers Network is affordable and the benefits are even better.

  • Emergers – $150/year
  • Elevators – $300/year
  • Influencers -$500/year

What is the incentive system for partners?

As mentioned, those members who partner with Influencers Network to share the message and expand the reach of our community will be rewarded. For every new individual you personally invite into the community, you will receive 10% of their membership fee when they join.

Join our campaign to develop and support women leaders and receive FREE money for simply spreading the news!

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. – African Proverb