new year

NO MORE HESITATION – Declaration for the New Year

By Eryka T. Johnson

A New Year is approaching. This article contains a new year declaration that you should consider reciting and living by this year.


I repent for all procrastination, hesitation, and excuses that I have repeatedly brought to you over this year. I don’t desire to live a life set apart from You or from what you have ordained me to do. Worry, anxiety, fear, rebellion, and self have held me back. Too often, they have spoken…‘I don’t know anyone, who will follow me, I don’t have the proper training, finances are not quite right, I need a mentor, or is this really you, God?’ I take off the “I’m waiting on God” mask which I’ve often worn. Yet, while I was so-called waiting, I was found not working. In fact, I was afraid to move, step out in faith, or even launch into the deep.

But, today I say goodbye to my old buddies – worry, anxiety, fear, rebellion, and self. I humbly return to my rightful place of authority. And, I set my face to Yours. My ears are open – speak Lord. My vision is clear – reveal Lord. My hands are free – move Lord. My feet are not frozen – send Lord. My heart is clean – consume Lord. My mind is clear – instruct Lord. My oil is pure – flow out Lord.

It has been spoken time and time again that obedience is the key to unlocking heaven and unlatching the gate of provision. So, I submit to Your will. I shall work obediently this year. I will not concern myself with how others perceive me or struggle to meet the demands of those who are selfish and walk not in Your way. Those who are led by Your Spirit are Your sons and Your daughters.

As I enter this New Year, new season, and new launching, allow me to experience all that You have ordained for me. I willing submit myself to the writing of Your book in my life. And, I declare NO MORE HESITATION! I shall come forth and take care of those you have placed in my care. This New Year is the dawn of the miraculous. Greater works shall we see.

In Jesus Name,


Eryka T. Johnson