You are Not Nuts! Talking to Yourself Can Reveal the Promise

You are Not Nuts! Talking to Yourself Can Reveal the Promise

By Eryka T. Johnson  

You are not nuts!

Did you know that you have promise? I mean really know that there is something so deep inside of you that is so promising and it has no choice but to produce.

Well, simply assessing who you are through a series of questions can reveal that promise. Yes, it is that easy! No, you are not bananas! It is time to do a self-interview.

You hold the key to unlocking the greatness within you. These following questions may spark other questions that help to reveal the reason you exist. You should probably grab a pen and a pad and do the interview right now.

Ask questions like…

  • What things am I most passionate about in this life that brings me joy, past and current?
  • What things burden me or frustrate me the most in this life?
  • If I could solve one problem in the world, what is that problem?
  • If I could spend my time doing one thing until I die, what is that one thing?
  • If I could help one group of people move forward, who is this group?

Certainly, you can add questions to this list as you find it pretty exciting to explore the essence of who you are.

This interview session is less structured than taking personal assessments centered on your gifts, talents, skills, values, interests, or personality, but are equally rewarding.

Take the opportunity to relax, be creative, and do not over think during this exercise as you want the answers to naturally flow. You will be amazed by the promise that is deep within you.

Why not let me know how it turned out for you by leaving a comment. I would love to share in this process with you.

Eryka T. Johnson