fearHow To Overcome Fear To Live The Life You Deserve

By Eryka T. Johnson

Can you imagine living your life without fear? You know where you are not afraid to invest 100% of your energy to make life work. Too often, many are faced with negative talk that’s rooted in fear and never reach their true place of destiny, full potential, and happiness. In fact, their life is drastically altered because fear rules and has its gripping hold on every decision that’s made. This does NOT have to be you however.  In this article, we will discuss how to overcome fear to live the life you deserve.

There has been many times in my life when I was so afraid to step out that opportunities merely passed me by and left me feeling down in the dumps. One time in particularly is when I was asked to do an interview on a national gospel radio show. As soon as I received the request, my mind began working in overdrive. It was full of negative chatter that immediately said “you are not accomplished enough to be on this show and share your vision.” Ultimately, I allowed fear to talk me right out of an opportunity that was truly meant for me.

Face it…fear causes you to be passive! It does NOT want you to take a step forward nor aggressively pursue your dreams.

However, fear alerts you to an area that you have a lack of trust in & possibly need to take a closer look at in your life. Although it is intending to cripple your movement, it also lets you know when you have yet to fully trust God. Instead of running away from the fear, you must learn to deal with it head-on. Here are a few tips to overcoming fear to live the life you deserve…

  • When you begin feeling that you are not good enough, quickly change your thoughts. You assign value to your thoughts whether they are truth or a lie. If a thought does not align with where you truly want to be in life, make sure you disregard it and replace it with a thought that will produce the life you deserve.
  • Ask God to strengthen you in that area. Wait for His instruction or strategy to help you improve in that area by building your faith. Faith is often built through repetition. It will be no different here when it comes to overcoming fear.
  • Do it afraid. Whatever fear is insisting that you do not do, totally disregard it. Instead, do it anyway. There’s nothing like going against the resistance and coming out on top.

The next time fear tries to keep you from the life you deserve, use these 3 tips and own your life.

Do you have any other advice to overcome fear? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson