Overwhelm Can Lead to Self-Sabotage & Cause You to Miss Out on a Good Thing

By Eryka T. Johnson

Are you aware that overwhelm can lead to self-sabotage? Self-sabotage meaning that you get in your own way and mess up a good thing ever before you see the results you desire. Coming from a background of a self-sabotage myself, I constantly had to face that reality and take a hard look at my life. There were many ways avenues that I allowed self-sabotage to enter and this video will discuss one of those ways.

You may be asking how can overwhelm lead to self-sabotage and ultimately destroy your life. It’s real simple…having too much to do and not having enough time to do it is a recipe for disaster.

A jam-packed schedule is not an indication that you are important hence successful. Rather, it says that you have not learned the art of delegation and could use some assistance with managing your life. There is no flexibility in being super busy. In fact, it could even lead to you feeling like a failure and being discouraged because you cannot get everything done.

Overwhelm comes in when there is just too much to do. In these instances, you will end up doing one of three things:

  • doing nothing
  • only doing some of it
  • rushing to get it done and leaving the spirit of excellence at the door

In this video, we discuss getting off the roller coaster of self-sabotage and moving forward fearlessly and with success.

Eryka T. Johnson