own your lifeOwn Your Life, Break Barriers & Live Your Dream With The Help Of A Mentor

By Eryka T. Johnson

What would your life look like if you really were able to live your dream? It would be drama free without added stress of wrong people where you truly enjoy each day and laugh often. This is what many women desire. However, they often don’t know how to get there. In today’s article, we will discuss how to own your life, break barriers, and live your dream with the help of a mentor.

When I mention “live your dream”, I’m speaking about your personal desires – those things in life that would make you happy. It could range from something as simple as paying your bills on time to something as complex as starting your own housekeeping business and employing 30 individuals. It’s all relative to YOU. You set up the perimeters of your dream.

I’m a strong advocate of having someone to speak into your life that has what you want or even what you need but don’t know it yet. This person is called a mentor or coach.

And, in order live your best life, you must find individuals that can bring out your potential. Potential is your capacity and capability to do more. In fact, the intensive weekend coaching events I host are one of my favorite times to help others see themselves how God sees them and breakthrough to the next level in their life.

If you have doubts about allowing someone into your personal space, let me put your mind to ease. When it comes to having a mentor that can help you live your best life, break barriers, and live your dream, you will never go wrong.

Having a mentor is NOT a handicap.

It’s never a handicap to stand in the midst of wise counselors or advisers who have the strategies you need to get to your next phase in life. When I needed to heal from my past, there was someone there to help me through the process. Not always telling me what to do, but simply being present and available for me to share my sticking points in a candid open fashion. When I needed to know how to run a successful online business which has the potential to make millions of dollars and give away hundreds of thousands for worthy causes, someone was there.

Don’t allow ego to cloud your judgment.

To believe you can make it in life ALL by yourself is simply ego and pride speaking at best. Even if you’ve been hurt by others in the past, you can trust again. Put offense in its proper place – behind you. Let it go and open your heart to allowing someone to guide you on this journey called life.

You were designed for greater connection

We crave relationship and connection as human beings. This feeling is what makes us want to belong to something and not be lonely. God designed us this way. If this was not true, He would have never created man. Nor would have He seen a need to give Eve to Adam.

Everybody needs somebody.

I see such a clear model of the need for help from my little one Caleb. As a baby, he had intelligence enough to know that he needs someone to get him food and drink, sneak snacks that are at the top of the pantry, and push his car when he wants to ride down the sidewalk to the other street corner.

Mentors inspire, cheerlead, and most of all motivate. 

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson