Self-Publish Your Book In Less Time And Convert Your Expertise Into Profits

Dear Aspiring Author:

I know from speaking with other aspiring female authors many of them struggle with writer’s block or confusion on the self-publishing process which often keeps them from completing their books or releasing their BIG message to the world.

Since self-publishing my first book in 2015, I’ve had countless women connect with me to share their desires to author a book and 100% of them often confessed that fear (fear of success, fear of completion, fear of no content, fear of no one will buy, fear of no one will connect with my message) keeps them stuck and frustrated.

Have you ever…

  • Had an idea for a great book but did not know where to start with the writing or self-publishing process
  • Sat down to write a book but quickly felt overwhelmed as you were not clear on your message and your thoughts were everywhere
  • Made up in your mind this would be the year you self-publish but feared you could not afford it
  • Dreamed about creating a new stream of income from your expertise but had no extra time to make it happen
  • Written a book but your launch flopped because you did not have a good marketing strategy

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Over 200 Million Americans say they want to publish a book BUT often fail to follow through and get it done.

It’s Time To Set Yourself Apart From Others And Give Your Story A Platform! 

bookHi, I am Eryka T. Johnson, Global Leadership Brand Strategist and Author, and I have been creating and monetizing my expert content since 2010 when I started my blog.

Not only have I created home study courses, eBooks, digital courses, and webinars, I too have converted that same content into live events including workshops and 3-day leadership retreats for women.

BUT, one of my greatest creations has been a published book Own Your Life where I not only wrote it in less than 30 days but partnered with Barnes & Noble to launch and promote it.

You have the content and story already inside you!

Let’s work together to release it. How would it feel to…

Author a book that your tribe not only loves but shares with others

Show up for a speaking engagement in a room of your potential clients and not only share your expertise from the stage but sell books with no additional effort

Create programs from your book that make you money while you sleep

Be a published author who leaves a legacy that provides a roadmap of success even while you are long gone

The First Step…

 Write and Self-Publish a Book

Don’t Know How?


This is why I have teamed up with my Mentee and Self-Publishing Extraordinaire Dr. Kimberly Ellison.

book“My dream of becoming a published author was always haunted by the nightmare of my thoughts of self-doubt. I questioned if anyone would read my books or find value in the content I wrote and published.

Here I am, the author of four published books and the Publishing Director of Sparkle Publishing, where everybody’s story is their sparkle! My confidence level increased when I changed my belief about the value of my story.

Now, I help other aspiring authors live their dream of becoming a published author. I am excited to partner with you on your personal journey of becoming what you see in your dreams!” 

Have you been looking for a solution?



A six-week book coaching program that teaches Aspiring Authors the proven system to write, self-publish, and launch a profitable book.


This is a virtual self-paced training!


You get access to the writing, editing, and self-publishing experiences of two Published Authors.


Here’s What We Will Cover…


The first step to launching your successful book is to deal with mindset blocks and thought patterns keeping you from writing your book or connecting with the right resources to support the self-publishing process. The story most aspiring authors tell themselves is “I’m not good enough” or “Who will listen?” or “I don’t have the funds” which all tend to be rooted in fear.

  • The story you tell yourself
  • Writer’s block
  • Releasing the fear
  • Creating a platform for your big message
  • Money mindset


You are a wealth of knowledge and expert in your field. The challenge however is getting what you know out of your brain and on to paper while easily organizing your content for a great writing experience. You have amazing content in which to wow your audience, let’s work to bring all this content together and get your message out. 

• Target book audience
• Goal and expected results of the book
• Book types
• Brain dumping and mapping content
• Sources of content
• Components of the book
• Book outline
• Book tile/subtitle/keywords
• Book back cover copy


With a clear goal and book outline in hand, the book writing process is 100X better. Understanding when, where, and how to write however can be the challenge. With an already busy schedule, how do you carve out the time when you are at your best to bring your book idea to life?

• Writing schedule and priorities
• Best times of the day and places to write
• Writing on paper or computer
• The power of journaling
• “A little a lot” technique
• Writing in active rather than passive tense
• Proofreading and use of an editor


The choices are endless when it comes to the mechanics of book design. Let’s narrow down what design will work best for your audience and book type. Find out what design choices are best for printing and those that increase your book costs.

• Book trim size
• Paperback or hardcopy
• Paper choice
• Color or Black & White
• Layout/typesetting
• Images, Table, Graphics
• Preferred fonts, font size and spacing
• Front Cover Design
• Back Cover Design


You have written and designed your book. Now it’s time to discuss the legal structure necessary to protect your intellectual property in order to grow your influence and profits.  In addition, pricing your book appropriately will be important to its success. If the price is too low or too high, you will not reach your target market nor accomplish the goals or expected results set for your book.

  • ISBN number
  • Copyright number and registration
  • How to price your book
  • Printing on demand costs
  • Publishing costs
  • Budgeting tips


Getting your book out to the world in a cost-efficient way is essential. How do you use the resources you have to communicate the solution your book offers to its targeted audience? Developing a plan which includes the marketing channels to use, complimentary content to create, partnerships to build, live or virtual events to host, and monthly sales goals is critical.

• Marketing Plan
• Launch Strategy/Best times to go to market
• Book platforms and Amazon positioning
• Creating Buzz including Press Releases
• Setting monthly book sale goals
• Book pre-sales/Pre-launch strategy


Frequently Asked Questions

Pen To Profits Book Coaching Program is a comprehensive program that takes you from the book idea to book launch phases. Other great benefits includes…

• Simple step-by-step process to reduce the time to launching your book
• Low cost self-publishing roadmap
• Direct access to self-publishing company
• Facilitators who have successfully gone through the self-publishing process
• Position yourself as an Influencer by writing and launching your book

The program is six weeks in duration and includes a total of six recordings along with workbooks.
Absolutely yes! We are definitely open to helping aspiring authors across the globe create a profitable platform for their story. This program can be virtually accessed from anywhere in the globe as long as you have a viable internet connection and device.
You will definitely have a solid book outline and writing strategy along with all the tools and resources to complete your manuscript, get published, and launch your book. If you trust the process and exercise discipline during the program, you too can complete your manuscript as a few of our students have successfully done.
Yes! My company does offer editing services. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation to get started. Click Here To Schedule Now!  
Yes! My company has a few self-publishing partnerships and would love to chat about your needs. Schedule a free 15 min consult to get started. Click Here To Schedule Now!