The process of change

The Process of Change – No Training Wheels Allowed

By Eryka T. Johnson

Let’s journey back to an exciting time in your life. The day you were finally getting your training wheels removed from your bicycle. Do you remember that day? You were excited but scared. Proud but worried.

Emotions were everywhere that day. This was the day that you were becoming a Big Girl. No more stinking baby wheels on your beautiful pink bike with the basket in front.

Life is much the same. One day we are being trained up and then the next we are moving forward.

Life is full of many transitions. We can agree that life 10 years ago is not the same as life today. You know why? Things inevitably change.

Learning to manage change may not be easy. One of the hardest things is dealing with the emotions that come along with it or even dealing with the past templates that were formed as a result of a past change. Either way, you must learn to embrace change in order to have the life of your dreams.

One of the hardest changes I had to embrace was becoming pregnant after deciding with my husband that we were satisfied with two kids. Immediately, pictures from the past flooded my mind – sick babies, managers who did not understand motherhood, lack of family support, etc. You get the picture. Because of the obstacles I created in my head, I was so afraid of what life would be like with another addition to the family. I quickly got over that as I embraced this new life and the new lessons to learn.

The next time you are faced with change in your life consider the following:

1. Envision your life with the change a part of it.

2. Write down the things that you like about your new life.

3. Write down the things that scare you about your new life.

4. Decide that no matter what you will embrace the change.

5. Take a leap of faith.

When it comes to change, you must make quick decisions as change waits for no one. Change will happen. You must decide that you are going to remove the obstacles (training wheels) and flow with it.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to making a change in your life? Please leave your comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson