procrastinationProcrastination – How To Overcome Delay, Take Action, & Get Results In Life

By Eryka T. Johnson

Is procrastination one of those bad habits you struggle with often?

You know…instead of getting things done as they pop up, you would rather take your time, drag your feet, or even stall. Before long, weeks have passed and that task still goes un-done. Well, in today’s article we will discuss procrastination, how to overcome delay, take action, and get results in your life.

First let me say…You are NOT alone!

I train myself to identify procrastination and quickly move through it. In fact, I often remind myself of the goals I’ve set and the need to continuously take action to keep me from sitting on things too long.

As plans kicked off for my annual women’s retreat, I quickly figured out that I needed the help of a good copywriter and marketer to promote my event. My mentor at the time was the perfect choice but I knew her rates to do marketing was probably outside my allotted budget.

Although, she urged me to get my request in that week, I waited. And waited. And waited. Then, finally after two months had passed, I submitted my request for help. It was too late. She had committed to other obligations and could not squeeze me into her schedule. So, I was left searching for the skills of another credible marketer to help.

The truth about procrastination is the moment you decide to wait, other things will take center stage and before long you’ve either forgotten to handle the task or have the guilt of yet another task not completed hanging over your head.

Either way, it’s a miserable way to live life!

Napoleon Hill says it best…”Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”

Although procrastination is a learned behavior, you can change it!

To help overcome procrastination, these tips may help…  

  • Take immediate action. Do the exact opposite of what you are accustomed to doing. When something arises, take care of it immediately.
  • Get disciplined in your life. Learn to make plans then follow through with them.
  • Get clear on why you need to take action NOW! If it’s important enough and has major consequences, you must get it done quickly.
  • Ask for help if you are struggling to get started. Having a fresh set of eyes to take a look or even provide some new insight to get things done rocks.

What creative ways do you use to overcome procrastination? Please share.

Be your BEST,

Eryka T. Johnson