Puppy Love

By Cynthia Diggs

I was out walking early this morning and it felt so nice outside! While there, I noticed a lady walking her little dog. I could tell that she really loved her little puppy. I also noticed that this little animal was disciplined and smart.

After a moment, she took her puppy off of its leash to potty and run around. We were standing there just chatting. Soon, it was time to leave and the lady was ready. Her puppy had run off and was out of her sight. She started out softly calling his name, “Punches, Punches, come on, Punches.” She called out again, “Come on Punches, let’s go.” She kept calling the puppy’s name and then started clapping her hands and yelling, “I’m going to leave you, I’m going to leave you, we have to go, come on Punches.”

I walked over and asked if her dog does this often. She answered, “Yes, especially when he sees something that catches his eye, he’ll leave me for a moment!” She shared with me how he did this once before and she had to get in her car and find him. “That’s why I don’t let him go too far off”, she said to me.

The Holy Spirit reminded me how this resembles the lives of humans. We run away from God and sometimes go too far. He looks at us and says, “I’m right here! Come back! Even if you run off, keep your eyes on me!”



Cynthia Diggs