Purpose vs. Calling

By Eryka T. Johnson

As He continues to mature me in ministry, some subjects are becoming clearer than ever before. I’m realizing that there are so many depths to Him, the Creator, and His creation, you and I.

Two subjects that often fascinate me are Purpose and Calling. The more I focus on these two, it is apparent that they are in fact different. Purpose is something set up as an end to be attained. In fact, it is the very reason for your existence based on His thoughts of you at the time of conception. When you were created, it was with purpose in mind. On the other hand, Calling is a strong impulse or inclination. Often times, it is an inner urge, especially one believed to be divinely inspired, that leads to you fulfilling purpose. I view it as the appointed time for you to begin rising up and manifesting in your area of existence.

If you’ve already identified your reason for existing, complete this exercise:

  • Take a moment to think about the reason you were created and write it down.
  • Recount when you received the call to step out in your purpose and write down all the details around this event.
  • Re-visit these writings often to keep you inspired and motivated to move forward.

If you don’t know your reason for existing, complete this exercise:

  • Ask Him, ‘Why do I exist?’
  • Write down every thought, word, or picture He gives you.
  • When the appointed time comes to accept the call to fulfill this purpose, seek a coach anointed in this area to help you through the process of realizing your purpose.

I pray this article has enlightened you.

Eryka T. Johnson