confidenceQuick Confidence Makeover Plan For The Woman Who Has Had Enough

 Eryka T. Johnson

If you are a woman who has had enough of trying to figure out how to build and maintain confidence, take a look at this quick confidence makeover plan. Say goodbye to confidence that comes & lasts only a short while. It’s time to enjoy your life & live it to the fullest.

By the way, this was written by a woman who once was afraid to be herself, ashamed to show her strengths because of low self-esteem, and who was totally unsure of her abilities.

1.    People cannot define your value or worth without your permission

  • Value and worth is something that is inherent to you as an individual/human being.
  • Everyone should not have unlimited access to you because your environment and people in it have the potential to shape your mindset.
  • Your mindset is your thought, thinking process, or framework that creates life as you know it. It dictates the beliefs you have about yourself.
  • Your belief frames your speech which eventually creates what you see.
  • People who constantly put you down or criticize you often need to be put in their place when it comes to you. This is done through setting personal boundaries.

2.    Confidence is an inward quality that shines outwardly.

  • What you believe about yourself is displayed in how you carry yourself and the type of influence you wear.
  • This quality is rooted in self-love and acceptance.

3.    Always have a sense of purpose when doing anything.

  • When things tend to get questionable and don’t quite work out…refer back to your “why.”
  • Your “why” will keep you going when all else fails.

4.    Validation from others only cripples your ability to love yourself despite what’s going on around you.

  • Any decision made to satisfy others will always leave you wanting for more.
  • This is because the decision being made is not to make you happy but others.

5.    Attaching confidence to personal success, a person, or a thing should NEVER be an option.

  • There will be times when you don’t quite measure up to the expectation.
  • Perhaps, you may not always complete every task asked of you.

6.    Your voice has to be heard.

  • Do you know what you want?
  • What will make you happy?
  • There is a need for you to clearly articulate your desires.

7.    There are beliefs, behaviors, & people that WILL drain your confidence and you should steer clear of them if it all possible (particularly when you are trying to build confidence)

  • Beliefs – Not good enough, I can’t do it, and I will never amount to anything
  • Behaviors – Being un-realistic, Overwhelm, and Living for everyone else
  • Relationships – Toxic, Abusive, and Relationships where you have no say so

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson