power of negative words

Releasing the Power of Negative Words to Move Forward in Purpose

By Eryka T. Johnson

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. (Proverbs 18:21 MSG)

Did you know that words could kill? In fact, have you ever wondered about the power of negative words?  In this article, we will deal with the subject of negative words & how to release the power of negative words.

Do any of the following words sound familiar…You are stupid, You are ignorant, You will never amount to anything, You have nothing of value to say so who will actually listen to you, or You are a hypocrite? Well, I have definitely heard my share of these words both in my child and adulthood. But, the reality of words spoken over you is that they can either bring life or sentence you to death.

The ability to move forward in your purpose depends largely on what you believe about yourself. If all you have heard for years is negativity, you probably won’t feel as though you are capable of answering a great call. Can you imagine having an incredible cause that you were designed to accomplish but no belief in yourself to bring it to pass?

So, how did I release the power of negative words to move forward into my greatness? I’m so glad you asked. Take a look at the following:

    • First, I wrote each of these ill-spoken words down.
    • Secondly, one by one, I audibly spoke the word associating it with a person and a time. For example, “The words ‘You are stupid’ were spoken over me by my mother as a child…”
    • Then, the power it had over my life was broken. For example, “… and now all power that these words have had over my life is broken in the name of Jesus.”
    • Next, I counter-acted these words with words that God said about me. For example, “I am not stupid but my mind is sound and I am brilliant because of the One living within me.”
    • Lastly, I daily reminded myself that I would be known by the words that God spoke over me and not man.

Continue going down your list until all ill-spoken words are resolved in your heart. Refuse to allow negativity to govern the direction of your life. Every word spoken over you that did not and will never align with the greatness that God has placed on you must go today! 

I would love to hear the method you used to move pass negative words in order to operate in your purpose. Please share below.

Eryka T. Johnson