Renew Me Retreat:

Rest ~Relaxation ~ Rejuvenation ~ Restoration

take time for yourselfThe Renew Me Retreat has been described as a time of relaxation, spiritual impartation, and lots of fun and fellowship. It offers women a sanctuary; a place where they can unwind and de-stress.

Take time for yourself!

Come be recharged and reclaim your motivation to go out and pursue your dreams with renewed energy and passion. The Renew Me Retreat provides that safe place that allows you to see through the chaos and clutter that surrounds your life so you gain clarity, purpose and concrete next steps for living your best life.

It’s time for a shift!

Are you ready to make it happen? In Just 3 Days you could be well on your way.

Registration is now CLOSED!!!


Retreat Intro with Eryka T. Johnson


Carol Gallerson Testimonial 



Zell Leary Testimonial with Eryka T. Johnson



Farewell Message from Eryka T. Johnson



Bobby Durst Testimonial



2011 Renew Me Retreat Highlights