What Roadblocks Do I Need to Be Aware of When Working as a Change Agent?

By Eryka T. Johnson

There are a number of roadblocks you must be aware of when trying to make a difference. So many, I have created two new products just to deal with them – a free report40 Roadblocks to Overcome for Your Greatest Change Movement – A Change Agent’s Secret Weapon, and a home study toolkit, Kickstart to Change – A Change Agent’s #1 Resource for Identifying Roadblocks in Their Path. Be on the lookout to access these products. But, I will give you 3 that I see all too often.

These are excerpts from the toolkit guide.

“Cannot do it” attitude

The “cannot do it” attitude simply is a decision made to not believe in yourself which in turn limits you from completing a particular task.

This attitude is quite viral. Many times, this is an attitude that was imposed on you by others which you naturally adopted because you heard it so often.

Your mother or family may have told you that you could not do something time and time again. Your acceptance of their statements has prevented you from moving forward.

For the greatest impact to take place, you have to be willingly to open yourself to the opportunity that you can do anything and do it well.


Fear is anxiety experienced when there is an area in your life that you have yet to conquer.

If you are constantly making excuses, procrastinating, being overwhelmed, dreading taking the next steps, hesitating when making decisions, or doubting your abilities, you are suffering with fear.

If you allow fear to stop you, you will never reach your goals. Fear only identifies those areas that you need to strengthen and fortitude to make the journey towards change.

Feelings of Unworthiness

Feelings of unworthiness are emotions that say you are not valuable, you have no substance, and your birth was a mistake.

This sounds harsh. But, the reality is you were born with worth regardless of the life circumstances you have faced or those you had to overcome. In fact, your value is inherent to who you are.

There is a part of you that must be shared in order to lead this movement. If you don’t lead, no one will follow. Within you is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Start today by identifying roadblocks in your life. You and everyone else around you will thank you for it.

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Eryka T. Johnson