managing your moneyThe Secret To Managing Your Money

By Yolonda B. Beverly

“Only if I had more money I could do this or that,” I constantly hear people say. I agree that money can make your life better but just because you have it does not indicate that all your wishes would be granted. People in general are always acquiring great amounts of cash, it may be through law suits, royalties, even tax refunds but if they don’t know how to manage it appropriately then it will be gone before you know it. In this article, we will discuss the secret to managing your money.

Whatever you want in life, you WILL have to do something!

There are steps you must take to reach your goals. In fact, faith without works is dead. You may be interested in a job promotion, gaining spiritual insight, losing weight, and yes…… getting out of debt. Each one requires effort.

More often we have the desires in our hearts to be something more than we are in the moment. We imagine how our lives can be better but imagination can’t just languish in the lap of luxury without activity. You have to get up and let your mind meet the works of your abilities and lead you on a nonrefundable journey.

Money has to be managed accordingly. Every dollar must have a purpose and know its place. It isn’t the amount of money in your bank account that matters but how you distribute it will determine if you will experience financial freedom.  Of course, this type of success can vary according to your personal situation. I will share with you my little secret to managing money, the three “D’s”, that helped me along my journey of becoming free of credit card debt.


  • You have to want it – I had a problem with my current situation and I didn’t like it I wanted better and more than I had. I was forced to examine my life and understand how I got to this place in my life.


  • You Must Have Self Control – Spending money (credit cards) that I didn’t have on purchase I didn’t need kept me in bondage. Cutting up the credit cards kept me from using them and kept me on track with my financial goals.


  • Willpower will keep you going – Sometimes it is hard to stay on track especially when you feel left out social activities because you are “sticking to your plans”. Keeping a tracking sheet with the declining balances on my credit cards allowed me to see the bigger picture and gave me the will power to continue on.

Managing your money requires a conscious effort and hard work. The journey may not be easy but it is definitely worth it!

Is managing your money a challenge? Please share.

Yolonda B. Beverly