fear of messing up

The Secret to Moving Pass the Fear of Messing Up That No One Told You

By Eryka T. Johnson

Are you ready to move pass the fear of messing up? Well, I am one of those individuals who loves self-improvement because it helps you go farther in life. So, to discuss moving pass the fear of messing up is a special treat for me because of the struggle I had with this for years. In this article, we will candidly discuss the secret to moving pass the fear of messing up that no one ever told you.

Did you know that messing up is a part of life? What, you mean there is no perfect person or situation? Yes, this is exactly what I’m saying. Everyone has to deal with messing up until they understand how not to keep facing the same challenge.

My experience in screwing things up goes back to my early childhood. Whenever I did not do something quite right or even took something perfectly fine and messed with it, I was disciplined for it. Whether it was being talked to harshly for an entire day or being spanked, I quickly came to know that you should fear messing up because of the consequences.

Let me set you free real quickly. If you never mess up, how will you learn? In my life, it is evident that I have been able to succeed because of the times I made mistakes or messed up. I’ve learned how to deal with difficult people because of the number of times I messed up situations involving others. I’ve had to learn how to deal with different personality types and how to interactive appropriately.

So, how does this tie in with the secret no one told you about the fear of messing up? Glad you asked! The secret to move pass the fear of messing up is to mess up. Let me explain.

The basis of any fear is to stop you in your tracks and keep you from moving at all.

If fear can get you feeling like you should not because of the possible consequences, this is no way to live your life. Life is all about choices, not to mention, opportunities to make new choices when you choose one that does not fit you. So, don’t get tensed about messing up, it is all a part of living.

Use this simple plan when faced with the fear of messing up…

  • Make a decision to take a step. Half the battle is getting your mind in alignment with what you want in your life. Make a decision and go with it.
  • Do the opposite of your fear. If you are scared of messing up the lives of your kids, get involved with the things they are doing. They will one day appreciate you showing concern and participating in a positive way. Whatever your fear, take a step in the opposite direction of your fear.
  • Be willing to make a step in another direction if things don’t work out. You can always course correct. But, the only way to course correct is to first do something.
  • Enjoy your life. Fear has no place in your life. Because you love your family and friends, you have no extra time for anxiety and worry. Focus more on the things you love.

Remember, it is ok to mess up. There is no fun in being totally perfect. It’s time to live a little.

What is one thing you are scared to mess up in your life? Run over to Facebook and let me know.

Eryka T. Johnson