Setting a Goal and Sticking to It

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you had trouble with setting a goal and sticking to it? I definitely have! I know firsthand what it feels like to want something so badly to only give up on it within weeks.  Not because I do not want to succeed with the goal but because I did not have the know-how to keep going when I was faced with adversity.

The good news…setting a goal and sticking it is does not have to be difficult or painful. It took a few tries & minor adjustments. But now, I know how to stay on track with my goals even when failure rears its ugly head. Regardless of how big or small your goals are there is a solution to end that cycle of quitting before you have seen things through.

Here are 3 tips that I’ve personally used over the years to help me stay on track with my goals. These are simple, practical tips that you can follow and begin to see results quickly.

Watch the video now.

You never have to give up on your goal again!

What are some things you have done to stay on track with a goal? I would love to hear. Just comment below.