Black Friday Sale

Skip the Crowds & Jump to the Front of the Line with our Black Friday Sale

By Eryka T. Johnson

Laughter and joy is in the air as this upcoming week officially marks the beginning of the holiday season. Yep, Christmas is right around the corner.  Can I tell you a secret though? This is my favorite time of the year because of nice weather, family, giving, shopping, and reflecting on the year’s accomplishments. But, let me not forget the extreme deals that are available during this time as well.

With that, this will be the first year I make available tools that will change your life for the better at a ridiculous rate, several over 50% off.  In fact, many of these tools have not been available through my website before, so you are in for a big surprise.

Have you been looking for tools that help you…

  • Create quick $$$ by using what you already know and love to do?
  • Walk through a quick & easy process to find your purpose and stop wasting precious time for good?
  • Practically fill the void you have although you give to everyone else in your life regularly with no reciprocity?
  • End the struggle about who you are and who you were created to be so you can use the influence you have to change what you see & make a difference?

I know you have been looking for tools like this because several of you have specifically asked me for them.  And, because I’m committed to seeing you succeed, all these tools are being discounted well below their value.  I just love you like that!

Please go now to my Facebook page and hit “Like” as I will make the Black Friday announcement and place the discount codes on this page.  An ad with the image you see above will be your signal that things are on sale. Make sure you place your order at that time as quantities will be limited and the sale will be available for only a few days.

PLEASE NOTE: I prayed about what resources to offer during Black Friday and this list is incredible. In fact, I strongly believe that many needs will be met this holiday season as women are empowered.  So, when you are thinking about ordering one or several of these resources, don’t forget about your sister, daughter, mother, etc. Order for them too or share the discount codes and send them to the sales page. They will benefit from these tools greatly.

If you are ready to skip the crowds & get to the front of the line with our Black Friday Sale, be ready. In fact, mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 27th. Oops! I gave away the secret.

Don’t forget, go now to my Facebook page and hit “Like.” I’ll be waiting for you there.

Eryka T. Johnson