stability in the midst of chaos

Looking for Stability in the Midst of Chaos

By Eryka T. Johnson

As a woman, one thing that has always been important to me is stability.  In fact, when everything else around you is failing, crumbling, deteriorating, or being challenged, you were designed to look for the stability in it all.  In this article, I will be addressing…Looking for Stability in the Midst of Chaos.

Stability and chaos, how in the world can the two co-exist? I’m so glad you asked.

In 2005, I lived in Slidell, Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Slidell was in the St. Tammany Parish area where the eye of the storm landed. In fact, I can recall a dear friend saying that he stayed behind believing that the storm was not going to be real bad. After having heavy rain and strong winds beating against his home, a peace came out of nowhere and remained for a while.  This was when the eye of the storm was passing through.

Now, this should paint a picture for you. Even when chaos is in your midst, there is still a peace in that storm.

I like to look at it from this angle. The chaos is outside of you but stability can be inside. Although you cannot control what happens around you, you can control everything about you. Your mental and emotional state can continue to thrive and resist the temptation of being out of whack because you can be in control.

When you are faced with confusion, chaos or havoc, consider doing the following…

  1. Make a choice to not say a word. Try being silent.
  2. Close your eyes and see yourself as a giant crushing everything in your path that is out of order.
  3. Take a few breaths. Breathe in and out.
  4. Meditate on Exodus 14:14…The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Take this promise literally.
  5. Visualize everything around you in a state of peace and calm (stability).
  6. Continue moving forward with your day knowing that you can have stability within because that situation will never rule over you.

Stability is attainable when you understand that it comes from within. From this day forward, look at your troubles from a new perspective. Although you cannot dictate the challenging situations, you can definitely dictate your response.

What situation has you stressing right now? Respond below.

Eryka T. Johnson