How to Start Over Again

By Eryka T. Johnson


This past weekend, I had an experience while travelling to the airport by shuttle.  It went something like this…

The Driver: ‘Ma’am, where are you off to?’

Me: ‘I’m going to Orlando, FL for some business training.’

The Driver: ‘Oh, ok.  What type of business do you have?’

Me: ‘Well, I have an online business that helps women get unstuck and get moving in life.’

The Driver: ‘Yep, so you help them get out of the rut?  That’s good.’

Well, the conversation went another 5 to 10 minutes.  

Guess what happened once I explained to the driver what I did?  She immediately opened up and began sharing her reality.

She shared that she was recently divorced and had absolutely nothing.  In fact, she and her son had lived in a shelter a while until she could afford a 2 bedroom apartment for them to live in. 

She continued on to say she had no clue on what it took to start over.  In fact, she was starting with zero, nothing at all. She did not eat for several days because she did not have a can opener and other practical things in the home. 

Although she was willing to do the work and did not expect hand-outs, there were no books she could refer to for guide.  In fact, the shelter lacked in programs that could give her simple, practical guidance on how to get started in life again. 

I shared this story with you to say that no matter what your dream or calling is in life, you must do it because there is someone waiting on the other end that needs exactly what you are offering.

Eryka T. Johnson