Strategy #10 – Become A Mentormentor

Have you paid it forward lately? When was the last time you helped another women in your organization navigate her career?

When honing your leadership skills, it’s easy to focus merely on yourself. In reality, when you can master developing and serving others, this is the sign of true leadership.

Being a mentor is another personal development tool where your primary focus is on others. You spend time listening, leading, and advising others on how to reach their goals. You take time to help another individual be more effective at their jobs or even acclimate them to a new work environment. When you help others succeed, you in return succeed.

On more than one occasion, I have taken on a mentoring role within my organization. I purposely looked for ways to eliminate pain points for my boss and free up his time.

As one of the more senior engineers, I began mentoring the less experienced engineers. Honestly, I may have been overly helpful because I wanted them to have the guidance not I never received as a young engineer. Sometimes as a new employee or a new addition to the team, you can easily be overlooked or forgotten. This is typically not intentional but it does happen often.

In addition to one-on-one mentorship, I would even learn new skills then come back and teach the entire team. There was one program that we all had to use for downtimes in our work areas that I learned from another engineer then seized the opportunity to teach others.

This allowed our workgroup to meet deliverables and provide pertinent information for management review. Also, it provided the opportunity for me to present a topic and then gain alignment among my organization. I too became the “go-to person” for this tool when others needed assistance.

Do your part!

Get serious about supporting other women who need a little guidance to figure out their path and get on the road to career success. When I was in the early career stage, I had no idea what questions to ask and who was even the right person to ask. As a result, I failed miserably. You have the power to prevent another woman from being mis-labeled early in her career.



Your homework today is to find another woman in your organization that could use some guidance and do the following:

    1. Send her to to gain access to this FREE eCourse. We must stick together to help women advance in the workplace period.
    2. Schedule lunch with her monthly and answer any questions she has that will help to move her forward in her career.
    3. Update your FB status and tag @ErykaTJohnsonEmpower saying “I’m a woman #Influencer who supports other women.”


It’s time for women to support other women!

This is the end of the eCourse but I’m sure you have a ton of questions. Stop right now and send a quick message to I’m waiting to hear from you! It’s time to elevate your career and your influence and this eCourse has provided the tools to get you started.

Stand Out!



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