Sometimes We Need the Pain

By |August 11th, 2012|Daily Inspiration, Purpose|

Sometimes We Need the Pain By Toni Nicole Roberts As Christians, we often declare to believe God. But when trials and painful situations come our way, we tend to give up on what we say we believe. When things are good we trust God, but when we start to experience trials and pain we migrate from believing. This is because we don't think it's possible for God to love us and still allow us to experience pain. It is important to understand that pain, pressure, and suffering are all a part of the process of destiny and God’s love for us. [...]

Is Everyone Really Created with a Purpose?

By |July 28th, 2012|Change Your Life, Get Unstuck, Motivational, Purpose|

Is Everyone Really Created with a Purpose? By Eryka T. Johnson Is everyone really created with a purpose? This question plagues society today because of the degrees of uncertainty surrounding all of creation. • Does life have true meaning? • Will our nation survive another economic collapse? • Is there life after death? • Will gas prices reach an all-time high leaving many without the means to operate vehicles? With this much uncertainty in the world, there is no surprise that many would question if purpose is a reality for some, most, all, or none. Well, the truth is that [...]