Free Yourself From the Gripping Hold of Stress!


Valued Woman,

Are you overwhelmed, unable to concentrate, constantly pressed for time, or feel like you can’t do IT anymore because of STRESS?

Well, you are not alone!

STRESS is a part of EVERYDAY life. Regardless if you are a stay-at-home mom, un-employed, entrepreneur, or a high-powered career woman, you deal with stress at some level.

Maybe you get up early each morning ready to face whatever comes your way. But, today is just one-of-those-days. There is a laundry list of things to do. You must wake the kids, prepare breakfast, get to work for an early meeting, drop off the dry cleaning during your lunch break, make doctor appointments for the family, stop by the bank, do grocery shopping, get dinner on the table by 6pm, and the list goes on…

There is so much to do and no one to help. How will you ever finish everything and still have time for yourself?

Or maybe you are STRESSED because you are drowning in debt. stress

Each month there are so many bills and never enough money. You are left trying to figure out who gets paid. Not to mention, whenever things seem to be looking better, the car breaks, one of the kids need new clothes, or someone gets sick. And, these student loans continue to look you in the face. If only you could get the bill collectors off your back long enough to breathe instead of worrying about how everything will get paid.

Or you are un-employed and it’s already been a year.

You desperately need a job. Sure, you’ve had interviews but no one has hired you yet. You continue to hear the same speech – over qualified or wait for a call back. The waiting is the worst. But, when you do hear back someone else has been selected for the position because they had the right skill set. Not to mention, your eligibility for unemployment benefits is about to expire. If only, you could get dependable and steady work.

Or you have a full-time job but too much is expected of you.

You absolutely love what you are doing but the STRESS is too much for one person. Not only are there tight deadlines to meet, but upper management tends to change priorities on a daily basis. And, the back-to-back meetings keep you from getting any work done. You can’t do it anymore. But, the stress of keeping this job is less than the overwhelming fear of quitting. Your health is suffering as a result but you can’t give up just yet because there is NO plan B. If only you could do your job without the added pressure.

I get it!

I hadstress one-of-those days just this past week. There was a deadline to meet with a last minute request for additional information. Not only was it already after 5pm, but there was only about 15 minutes to pick up the kids from camp without paying an additional charge. On top of that, I get home to find my internet, phone, and cable service down until 2 am the following morning. And, I really need to work on this presentation.

Instead of going into panic mode, I chose to react in a way that allowed me to prepare for my presentation the next morning and be well rested to think clearly. What a relief!

Do you wish you could put an end to the worry & get some peace in your life, mind, and home?

I would love to share some simple but practical tips with you that have worked for me time and time again.


 Take Control of Stress Like a Pro Tele-class

Join me live for 1-hour on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 8PM EST where we will discuss simple ways to take back your power from the gripping hold of STRESS. Learn ways to be more flexible instead of cracking under pressure when times get rough.


This tele-class is ideal for you if you…

  • Want to relieve financial, family, and health pressures
  • Want more balance in life
  • Want to change how you deal with confusion
  • Want to be more focused
  • Want to have more time for yourself
  • Want to feel better about your situation
  • Want to become a master at managing stress

Take control of your life today! I’m holding your seat. If you are unable to attend live, no problem. Still get your seat & I’ll send the MP3 recording directly to your inbox.