The Power to Forgive and Forget

By Eryka T. Johnson

Hopefully, you have been following the discussions going on in our Facebook community this past week. If not, you definitely should get involved because we are addressing the subject of forgiveness & its companion – forgetting.

It REALLY burdens me to see so many women with incredible futures ahead that refuse to forgive.

The hurt was horrific and you probably lost your dignity which makes it all the more un-bearable. Look…I have been there having experienced molestation, gang rape, rejection, and abandonment. My life has not been a bed of roses or easy for that fact. But, one thing is for sure…God saved me from a world that cared absolutely NOTHING about me or what I was to become. And when HE rescued me, I gained FREE access to healing, deliverance, wholeness, soundness, & completeness.

When you struggle to forgive, you lock yourself in a prison. And, it takes away your power to be brave, courageous, & strong.

Listen…I want you to experience every blessing that God has in store for you. And, because of that, I’m making myself available to walk with you through this process of forgiveness. I give my promise that I will never judge you. I only want to help out because I had to forgive some pretty nasty people & situations in my life to be free to speak to you EVERY week.

Please respond below and let me know what your BIGGEST problem is about forgiving & forgetting. And expect to receive a lot of HELP over the next few weeks – videos, articles, & A WEBINAR where you will be able to ask your questions live.

I love you & want ONLY the best for you!