Time To Discover Yourself

It’s Time To Discover Yourself

By Eryka T. Johnson

For many years, I tried to find myself in the midst of great affliction, hurt, wounds, labels, and disbelief. I often thought that if I could be someone else, I would have an opportunity at greatness. The truth was that I had major issues – one of which involved me never understanding my true value or individuality.

One day, I finally had enough! I would no longer be under the influence of fear and doubt about who God created me to be. I embarked on an incredible journey of discovering myself. This work went beyond evaluating others’ perceptions of me. Their thoughts at this point no longer mattered. For the first time, I had to face me (the good, bad, and ugly) and my belief that I really did not matter in this world.

As the new year approaches, this is the perfect time to deal with issues around value and worthiness. Are you struggling with your identity? Are you questioning your existence? Are you controlled by the attitudes and perceptions of others? Do you allow others to de-value your time, wisdom, and friendship? If any of these questions reflect where you may be in your life, it’s time to discover yourself & determine what you really want. 

I have spent many years getting free from lies and mis-perceptions about myself. It is now time for you to start this journey in your life. Let me close with the very words the Spirit of God spoke to me…“Help the people realize that they are first worthy. If you were created by me then you qualify. It is not only for the elect few but for all that I have fashioned and shaped in my image. Your worthiness is not dictated by man’s standard.”

Have you begun your journey of self discovery? I would love to hear about it; just comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson