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Using Your Gift to Build Confidence With Ease

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you ever considered using your gift to build confidence and help you accomplish more with less strain? Imagine how different things could be if you were getting more done, feeling good about your work and yourself, and being free in your mind so more creativity flows. In fact, when you use your gift, it opens your world to endless possibilities. In this article, we will discuss how to use your gift to build confidence with ease.

Here’s the truth…when you do things against your natural ability, you will feel stressed. Although you give it your best, you will always feel like it’s not good enough. In fact, this type of behavior of doing things you absolutely hate will only set you up from failure and bring your confidence level way down & quickly.

I totally can relate here. In college, I found it so difficult to deal with electrical components and concepts around electricity. I had no interest in this area but had to complete coursework to get my mechanical engineering degree.

As a new employee fresh out of college, I was assigned as lead for a project that involved electrical components and instrumentation. Oh my…was I in trouble!

Leading meetings for this project was a complete nightmare not to mention comprehending how things worked and being able to share it with others. Needless to say, the outcome of this project was not all that good. Even though I put my best foot forward, it was not good enough. My knowledge of mechanical engineering meant absolutely nothing when faced with this electrical project.

I felt horrible not to mention totally stressed out. I was barely resting at night as I could only think about getting this project over and moving on to the next job. It was definitely easier said than done.

It all boils down to one thing…are you doing what you are good at, in other words, are you using your gift?

I was totally outside my gifting and it certainly showed when working with my team and being able to properly make decisions and lead them with confidence. I never want to feel that way again.

This is the reality…while you are trying to convince your brain that you like something, your natural instincts is saying something completely different. You end up straining and pushing real hard to make something work that was not meant to fit. Your personal gifts are yours & cannot be placed in a box with the expectation that it will fit for every situation.

Working against your natural abilities and areas of giftings will diminish your power and cause you to lack in confidence. Let me share how you can use your gift to build confidence with ease and work in your favor?…

  • Pinpoint one gift that you have which comes naturally to you.
  • Ask yourself if this gift could be beneficial to others.
  • Determine how you can incorporate the use of this gift into your everyday life.
  • Refuse to be pressured by others to work outside the area of your natural gifting.

You don’t have to worry about living your life in constant worry because when you lead with the one gift that you are good at it shows in your confidence level. So, say goodbye to performing to make things fits that don’t.

What is one gift you have that comes naturally? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson