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[Women Leaders] What is a Vision Board & Why Does it Work?

This month we are covering vision boards – everything from what is a vision board to locating the perfect images and phrases to place on your vision board for optimal results. This will be a 4-part series. You are at post #1 in the “Vision Board” Series.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual tool used to help you reach your goals. It’s your life in pictures. It’s simply a collage of images, words, phrases, mantras that inspire you to live better and be more. Yet, it has tremendous power to motivate you to get to your goals.

It’s a personal platform you can use to take ownership and control of every area of your life. It typically includes both tangiable goals as well as non-tangiable things like more confidence.

Vision boards help you be intentional. It’s actually a leadership tool that gives you direction when you are struggling to figure out your next step or what you need to dedicate your time and energy to on a daily basis.

NOTE: Intentional living is what we should strive for every single day. Otherwise, we live in regret wondering what happened to our life.

As the leader of your life, you must step boldly into the role of managing your expectations, your visions, your goals, and your dreams. A vision board is one way to do just that


Why it works?

A vision board works because of the mind’s ability to see and process thoughts and images. In addition, it activates the power of intention.

Think about when you explain an idea to someone. As you are giving the details, the individual is processing what you say and visualizing it in her mind. Once they gain concept, they may say “oh yes, I see it”.

Giving your subconscious mind organized goals and images to process and doing it over and over again will cause your mind to release inspiration and ideas to help you reach your goals. You will find new ways to do things and roadblocks will dissolve. Ultimately, your mindset will switch to help bring you what you desire.

I typically elevate my vision board by adding scripture that helps support exactly what I want. I then make sure I look at the vision board, speak affirmatively about my goals, and pray those promises that help me access my desires.

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