What are Roadblocks and What Purpose Do They Serve in my Change Movement?

By Eryka T. Johnson


When on the journey to creating a lasting change movement that will literally impact those around you, roadblocks are bound to appear. When they do appear, it is imperative for you to know what they are and understand their specific purpose. So, let’s take a look at the design of roadblocks.

Roadblocks are merely obstacles, either small or great, in your path. In other words, they are just “blocks in the road!” Most of these obstacles are either self-inflicted or caused by the environment in which you live.

No matter where you turn, obstacles are all around – particularly when you have decided to take some tremendous steps.

What are these roadblocks designed to do? Good question. Roadblocks are designed to hinder your progress. They often lead to discouragement resulting in no movement at all. In fact, their sole intent is to tire you out and cause you to give up on making your dreams your reality.

When faced with roadblocks, you should remain focused. Your goal is to continue moving forward and not allow these roadblocks to stop you, reduce your momentum, or even deter your efforts.

When you can master addressing roadblocks, re-positioning yourself to maneuver around them, and pushing through to the other side, roadblocks will no longer have control over your life’s success.

I’ve spent what seems like a lifetime trying to move beyond roadblocks. Yes, it is possible!
Eryka T. Johnson