persuaded to do something

What To Do When You Are Persuaded To Do Something You Would Rather Not Do

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you wondered what to do when you are persuaded to do something you would rather not do and it ends in an embarrassing situation for you? As I was doing my morning workout which included sprinting and jumping over an imaginary hurdle, I could not help but to chuckle a bit. I had a flashback from middle school when I was persuaded to do something that ended in a disaster.

So, here goes the story.

One afternoon during gym class, our gym teacher and coach had taken us to the high school stadium to use their facility. We were studying track and field during this particular semester. Now, I never considered myself to be very athletic. Instead, I was coordinated and could catch on pretty quickly to almost anything, except jumping hurdles.

This particular day, my coach wanted me to try them. “The hurdles?” I said reluctantly. I could cheer and dance but running or jumping hurdles was a BAD idea. I begged my coach to let me do the shot put or something else but she would not listen. She wanted me to prove to myself that I could jump the hurdles. Besides, she was trying to get her team together for the track and field competition.

“On your mark…”  I got down.

“Get ready…” I looked over to my right just in time to see the high school boys sitting in the bleachers.

“Go…” I took off as fast as I could trying to look as cute as I could.

I cleared the first hurdle. Good job, I thought to myself. I faced the second hurdle. My front leg made it across but the back leg was too low. The hurdle toppled over. But, I kept on going. I came to the third hurdle and fell face first on the track.

Oh my, what a sight!

In my willingness to follow instructions on doing something I knew I had no knowledge of doing, I failed miserably. Not to mention, the older guys in the bleachers laughed out of control. I could hear their screams as I walked back over to the other side of the field to join the other middle schoolers. My spirit and pride were totally crushed.

Can you relate?

You find yourself in a situation where you were persuaded to do something you would rather not do? Instead of accomplishing your goal, it ended up in a nightmare.  Now, you are stuck thinking about where you went wrong in the situation. Was it a good decision? Could you have said NO and been able to live with the consequences?

When you are being persuaded against your better judgment, think about these 3 things…

  • Don’t give in to the demands. For every problem that is out there, there are several people who have the skills to provide the correct answer. Don’t feel pressured to do something you are no good at to satisfy someone else.
  • Always follow your gut. There is always a strong feeling in the inside of you that says YES or NO. Learn to listen to your gut or inner voice and follow your first mind.
  • Know your limitations. There are tons of things you excel at so why not stick with those things. When you are ready to learn a new skill, instead of being the guinea pig publicly, shoot for a private tutorial.

A well-intentioned request always has the potential to end in a terrible situation. Although, all my coach had in mind was trying to see who she could place on her track and field team, she never imagined that a young girl’s pride would be crushed that same day as all the upper classmen watched her fall to the ground in an attempt to please others.

I learned a great lesson that day that I will never forget!

Can you recall a time you were persuaded to do something that you did not want to do? Run over to my Facebook page to share.

Eryka T. Johnson