when given lemons make lemonade 

When Given Lemons Make Lemonade, Make the Best Out of Any Situation

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you ever heard of the phrase “when given lemons make lemonade?” I’m sure you have probably used this one several times yourself.  In fact, the phrase alone causes you to think about how to make the best out of any situation, particularly a sour one.

Life is sometimes scary and crazy!

Everything from failures to abusive relationships to job layoffs, everywhere you turn there is an opportunity to just throw in the towel and decide to give up on life. The reality is you must learn to turn any situation around to benefit you in the long run. So what hand have you been dealt lately?

Can you imagine not fighting when an obstacle comes your way? Or even laying down and allowing yourself to get smothered under the problems in your life? This is not a good position for anyone to be in let alone live there all their lives.

I know all too well what it feels like to face problems where I would rather allow them to take control of my life rather than fight.

I’ll never forget the day when too much alcohol and the secret slip of the date rape drug in my water caused me to experience one of the most traumatic experiences any woman should ever face, gang rape. But, I made it through. Of course, there was a lot of emotional baggage that required serious work to sort through. But, I did not allow this shame and hurt to stop me from living. I chose to continue, learn the lessons I needed, and not give up or hold my head down because of the incident.  

Let me encourage you for a moment.

You can make it through any situation you are faced with in your life. Lemons alone are sour but when you add a bit of sugar to the lemon juice along with water…you have some pretty good tasting lemonade.

So, take that problem (lemon), extract the lessons you need to get from it (lemon juice), add to that the wisdom from a trusted confidant (sugar), and move on with your life (enjoying lemonade).

You deserve to be happy and not stressed over every problem or obstacle that comes into your life. When given lemons make lemonade…you can make the best out of any situation!

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Eryka T. Johnson