wordsWords That Change Things In An Instant (Just Not In A Good Way)

By Eryka T. Johnson

Can words change things in an instant? Yes, they can! Words are powerful. In fact, many scriptures in the Bible focus on the power of words. Words are the building blocks and the structure by which the entire world hangs ever since the beginning of time. In today’s article, we will discuss words that change things in an instant just not in a good way.

If words have the power to create, why can’t they also destroy? Well, they can. As we continue talking about the power of words, we must exercise caution to REALLY watch over our daily conversations. Words are in the business of change management. They manage the type of change that takes place in everyday lives of people like you and I. Yet, we have the complete control and authority to orchestrate the type of change we experience – life or death, success or failure, prosperity or lack.

Just the other day, I got a call from an individual asking about changes made to our schedule for a huge project I’m leading at work. The conversation went something like this…”Hello Eryka, I heard through the grapevine… that an updated schedule was released today and there were major changes happening this year that affects us. Is this true?”

Well, I got the same email with the changes and none of them affected the work my team was doing. But without thinking, I said…”You almost gave me a heart attack.” As the sentence came out of my mouth, I immediately felt burdened in my spirit. I hung up the phone and repented to God.

How in the world could I have said such a foolish thing?!?!?

Considering both my mom and dad have suffered with heart disease, I know all too well the amount of stress involved. In 2009, both of them had heart bypass surgery -one in February and the other in September. Having your parents experience such tragedy and being unable to fix it for them was a challenge for me. There was NO way I wanted the same for my life.

Before you allow the words you speak to bring destruction or havoc into your life, here are a few clues that should spring you into CHANGING your words for the better…

  • Words that involve “I’ll never…”, “I’m not…”, or even “I can’t”. If the words you use are always in the negative, change them quickly. God gives grace. You should too! Stop betting yourself up for what you may lack now.
  • Words that are destructive and tear others down. If you must reduce yourself to name calling, you probably need to excuse yourself from that situation particularly if you are upset and mad. Speak kind words over others. Wouldn’t you expect the same?
  • Repeating words spoken by others that place limits on you. Remember, you have what you say. Don’t waste your time or energy repeating the limits or pondering if you should accept the limitations others have placed on you. You create the life you want to see.

Make your own list and share it. I would love to hear it! Please respond below.

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson