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3 Steps to Uncover Hidden Career Opportunities in Front of You

By Eryka T. Johnson

Although some people seem to go from one great career opportunity to the next, you have been in your assignment for a few years now. I understand you work hard and focus daily on providing the best quality service to your employer however; things do not normally happen for you so quickly. What is the difference? Well, in today’s article we will discuss three steps to uncover hidden career opportunities in front of you.


According to an article entitled “Understanding Hidden Career Opportunities” found on the Physics Today website, Alaina G. Levine write “…game-changing career opportunities are everywhere, and come in many forms. A career opportunity could be as direct as an invitation to apply for a job, or something that requires more cultivation, such as the chance to collaborate on a short-term project, serve on a committee, or simply engage in conversation.”


So, how do you tap into the hidden market that may be in plain sight? Here are three steps you can take now to uncover those hidden career opportunities and begin moving your career forward in the right direction.


Communicate your career goals to your management often. Scheduling one-on-one conversations with your manager can be helpful to putting yourself in the pipeline to get the next career opportunities that come up that would be a perfect for you. Share your accomplishments and areas for improvement. Often, these areas of improvements are the leading reasons managers give you career opportunities. Also, share your desires, where you see yourself in five years and at the end of your career, and projects you would be interested in working to enhance your skills. If you manager is serious about career development for you, an opportunity will be presented merely from the ideas you presented to him.


Become allies with individuals of influence in your work organization. In every organization are individuals who seem to know about things before they happen. In other words, they are “in the know”. They stay current with what is going on and often have a personality where others divulge information including confidential information. Think of anyone you may know like that in your organization. Is there some way you can spark a conversation with them and ultimately build a relationship of trust that will put you “in the know” as well particularly about potential career opportunities.


Use your network. If you have been in the workforce any number of years, you understand how important your professional and personal network is to your success as an emerging woman leader. Whether you attended college with them, worked on a project alongside them, or met them at an industry conference, your network contacts are invaluable. So keep in contact with them. Share information that is useful to them and always tell them about your desire for another career opportunity. Do not be surprised however that you may need to move into another industry, change employers or even go into another department within your existing company.

There are hidden career opportunities everywhere if you are open to these methods of finding them. Share steps you have taken to find and secure hidden career opportunities. I would love to hear about them.


Stand out,

Eryka T. Johnson

Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker



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