7 Confidence Boosters For The Female Engineer

By |February 20th, 2022|Leadership Development, Personal Branding|

7 Confidence Boosters For The Female Engineer Are you looking to boost your confidence in simple ways that don’t take a lot of time and require little effort? Check out these instant confidence boosters which help you feel better about yourself and allow you to come into your own. Inspire other women in ways you are already empowered. Every woman needs to hear your wisdom and learn from your expertise in very practical ways. Share your story of triumph as often as you can. Did you know that success leaves clues? Visualize often where you are going. Having the ability [...]

How Female Engineers Live A More Balanced Life

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How Female Engineers Live A More Balanced Life We are living in challenging times which have the potential to cause anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. More than ever, our to-do lists have grown tremendously and continue to multiply as we embrace our different roles as women. As an engineer, leader, business owner, mother, and partner, there are times maintaining balance feels like a struggle. I can see myself at times as a “master juggler” within an award-winning circus that travels the world.  Perhaps, you can relate? I define balance as the ability to experience peace even when faced with insurmountable challenges. It [...]

6 Signs Your Life Is Out of Balance & In Need of Work-Life Integration

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6 Signs Your Life Is Out of Balance & In Need of Work-Life Integration Women professionals often suffer from chaotic lives by leading at work, home, and in life. With only 24 hours in a day, you may find yourself pressed for time and not completing every task you set out to accomplish for the week. Before you feel guilty about not achieving every goal, let’s determine if you may be out of balance and in need of a serious tune up in the area of work-life integration. What is work-life integration? Work-life integration is simply the process of combining [...]

Success Strategy: Expand Your Knowledge

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Success Strategy: Expand Your Knowledge One of the most powerful ways to show up for yourself is to expand your knowledge. I truly believe that success leaves clues. One woman's struggle is another woman's roadmap to success. Do you have these three books in your library? If not, you need to grab them.     Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Dr. Lois Frankel   If you work nonstop without a break…worry about offending others and back down too easily…explain too much when asked for information… or “poll” your friends and colleagues before [...]